Anna D’Errico, piano solo


Defining an instrument goes together with defining the borders of the music which inhabits it. Music for piano: many acts of imagination are contained within this dedication. Imagining a sound, the voice of that one instrument; imagining a physical approach, an interpret in touch with that resonating body; imagining a language, the idiom created by that cluster of sounds, gestures, and the layers of history and repertoire and others’ imaginations.

Composing for piano today, retracing its identity - all this implies a form of expropriation (pulling the instrument away form the hands which already took possession of it) and at the same time a form of preservation (being aware of the memories that it holds). It’s like expanding a territory. A space where “everything has been taken away” (Maurizio Azzan), to be re-conquered by indefintely extending the memory/resonance. “A landscape in my hands” (Daniela Terranova), to be re-modelled by touching, scratching, digging with one’s hands down to the source of sound; or by establishing a virgin soil, an unbodied sound specter, untouched by any attack form (Daniele Bravi).

Imagining, thus, an extended piano. Expanding it inside, towards its own depths. Augmenting it in sound possibilities and in what comes “after” them, in the interaction with live electronics.   Imagining this territory as a living and multiform one. (A.D.)

Maurizio Azzan : Dove tutto è stato preso (Innerspace II) (2016), for prepared piano  

Daniela Terranova : A landscape in my hands (2017), for piano

Giulia Lorusso : Déserts (2018) for prepared piano

Daniele Bravi : Solo (2011), for piano